Eight Weeks Old

Baby Q is 8 weeks old today. It feels like he's been here forever, and yet everything is still brand spankin new at the same time.

He is SO much happier thanks to the reflux meds, gas drops, probiotics, and my diet changes. Instead of near constant crying when he is awake, we get times during the day when he is awake and alert and happy.  It helps too that he started smiling at us.

I have made a very conscious effort to slow down our schedule and spend more (ie, all of our) time at home so that we can get to know each other. I am starting to see a few daily patterns for napping and playing. We go to baby class on Wednesday's and Fridays, but other than that I spend most other days in the house following Q's lead. Things seem to be better when I don't mess with his naps or make him wait to eat.

My mom got us this little tummy tub. It is basically a little bucket that babies bathe in. Q loves it! We take at least one bath a day.

Back to Work...
I have to go back to work in April and have such mixed feelings about it all. I actually really miss my job, so much more than I thought I would. I am actually really looking forward to leaving the house and doing a job that I feel somewhat competent at. I would have thought that I'd want to stay home and that leaving my baby to go back to work would be torture. Regardless, I carry our health benefits and my fmla job protection runs out after 12 weeks, so I have to work at least 20 hours / week starting in April.
I'd made plans to start back at 20 hours /week for a couple months, which seems like a manageable plan. Ideally I'll be able to work 2 full days in the office and then a few hours from home on the other days. I still need to sort out the details with my boss, but am confident that she'll be supportive. Before I had Q, she suggested that I bring the baby to work. Now that he is here I'm not sure that Q has the temperament for spending the day in the office.

The challenge that I'm facing now is childcare... We'd initially thought that ML would be working from home with a very flexible schedule, able to care for Q while I was at work. Then last month he got called for a contract project working in an office 40 hours week. The contract is for 2 months, with a full time position possibly waiting for him, if things work out well. On the one hand, a full time gig with this firm would be fantastic (providing a steady income and offer health benefits). On the other, it means that we need to make arrangements for childcare.

I'd assumed that we wouldn't need non-family childcare and don't even know where to start looking.



Lauren said...

Oh my gosh that video is so cute! He's adorable! And I'm so impressed that he's staying upright on his own. I didn't figure a baby that young would do well not being held up in the tummy tub.

I'm glad things are going better at your house. Bummer about the child care thing, though!

Rach said...

I think finding a provider that you trust is the key to transitioning back to work. I found my provider through our neighborhood "e-neighbors" website. I had 2 people refer the same lady and she's only two blocks away! Best bet is to go with 1st hand references.

He is sooo cute in that tub!! Glad things in the Foxy household are going smoother!

Augusta said...

What a great video of Q taking a bath. He looks so happy to be in water. And it's so nice to hear your voice, Foxy! (I'm assuming that's you saying "are you taking a bath?"
I hope that you find a childcare situation that feels right for you and ML, and most importantly for Q.

Claire said...

He is so very cute and obviously loves that tub!!

Miss Mac said...

What a cute tub bath video, you can tell he loves it! Glad things are going better for you all! We are doing a combination of grandmothers and a sitter for childcare, in our home and at my mother in law's home. We're not ready for daycare just yet but it may be what we have to do later on. This time has gone by too quickly!!!

Liz said...

That tub is so adorbale! It looks like Baby Q LOVES it!

Julie said...

He looks so happy in that tub!

I'm glad things are going better for you! I hope everything works out with the childcare.

Emmy said...

He's so cute! Sorry I've been MIA in comments, but I have been reading. I'm so glad that everything you are doing for Q is working and he is happier. I hope that you are able to find fantastic childcare and that you have a smooth transition back to work!

Anonymous said...

Too cute in his little tubby! I'm so glad things have gotten easier for you guys. :)

ColourYourWorld said...

Oh my goodness Foxy how gorgeous is baby Q??!! What a real little cutie.
I am glad he has settled for you. Boo was a reflux baby and it was horrible. All the best with the childcare.

Anonymous said...

I have a daughter named Quinn and call her Baby Q as well! And Baby Cakes too. :) Her 2nd birthday is today. It goes in a flash. Your Q is so adorable!


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