These are the days

These are the days.
The days of chaos and busy.
Life is so full, and busy, and wonderful.
Everything that I wanted it to be.

Tomorrow marks none years of marriage to a man I love more than I ever imagined possible. I tell him that never in my wildest dreams could I have pictured a life as wonderful as the one that I have with him. I kiss him everyday and feel like the luckiest girl to share my world with him.

It also marks 2 years since our family became complete when a perfect little embryo was transfered into my womb. Two years ago on our anniversary we welcomed the cells that would grow into the sweet little boy that is BC. It all felt so tenuous then, but today there is no doubt that BC was always meant to be here with us.

Just after BC was born work picked up for ML after two years of nothing. The years of nothing have made us so grateful for the work, even when it means that looming deadlines limit our weekend and evening plans. We are grateful for the flexibility he has working from home, and for himself.

Thankful for my amazing supportive boss who agreed to my proposal to reduce my hours and hire someone to share my responsibilities.  The flexibility has been essential, as has the blessing of an excuse to leave the house everyday and do work that I love. I always thought that moms only worked because they had to, because it wasn't a choice. But here I am, choosing to work, grateful that I have a job that fulfills me, and gives me a break from the sometimes overwhelming pressure of being a 'mom'.

BC continues to grow into an adorable sweet little boy whom I love. Watching his personality emerge has been so much fun. He is funny, and flirty, and oh so independent. Opinionated and stubborn, just like his mom. Observant and cool, and really smart, just like his dad. I love watching him explore his world and sometimes it feels like we are actually watching new connections being made.

We have a rich community of friends and family who make us our village. Watching Bestie's kids playing with BC gives me chills on a regular basis - I will never take that for granted. BC adores her 3 yr old daughter and holds his own with her son who is 5 months older.

The past week has been full of chaos - and as much as the chaos is crazy - I am grateful for it as well. Besties kids came down with the chicken pox exposing BC to the illness. It wouldn't be such a big deal if the nanny we share wasn't pregnant, meaning we had to send her home, possibly for 21 days until the incubation period expires. In the meantime we are in quarantine from all of our friends who are pregnant or have little ones who have yet to be immunized, leaving us without any of our backup childcare options. Yikes. We had to cancel a trip to visit my grandma and it looks like will need to cancel a trip to visit a girlfriend who just found out she is pregnant. All I can do is laugh, and kiss my sweet boy, and thank my boss for understanding the realities of being a working parent.

I still love reading the blogs, but rarely have any time to comment. Like I said, life is crazy busy these days. These days, these days I longed for, These ARE the days!

Love to you all - and a BIG HUGE GIGANTIC congratulations to the beautiful Augusta as she and Mr A welcome their baby girl.


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