Make the Breastpump NOT Suck Hackathon

This coming weekend a group of AWESOME MIT folks are convening a "Make the Breastpump NOT Suck" Hackathon. How FREAKING cool is that!

I was one of the lucky ones whose milk came in and was able to nurse without any issues. It was easy. Little fox nursed like a champ for 18 months (until I cut him off, but didn't really cut him off so he still nurses on occasion, but that's a story for a different blog post), and I pumped milk at work every 2 hours for 9 months. Breastfeeding was a commitment, but it worked for our family.

But when I saw this hackathon was looking for ideas and feedback I JUMPED at the chance to share a few suggestions!

Again I was a lucky one who had a private office to pump in whenever I needed to, and a uber supportive boss who essentially made it part of my job to inquire about pumping rooms at every off-site location I visited (which happened at-least daily.) I was able to schedule meetings around my pump schedule and store my milk in the office fridge (which apparently is a problem for too many moms.)

This is one of those issues that I KNOW would be different if WOMEN were in positions of power to make things different. Most men will ever understand what its like to accidentally spill 3 ounces of milk that you spent 30 minutes extracting from your body with a noisy machine while visualizing being at home cuddling with a baby that you had to leave with a stranger. The size and noise of the pump was hideous and I drug that thing with me EVERYWHERE. The horror of being engorged at work and realizing that you forgot your flanges in the washer at home. There are so many things about pumping that SUCKED, in addition to the reality that a breastpump is nothing like a suckling baby.

What would you love to see in a breastpump? Submit your idea at
and join the discussion at


First Day of Pre-School

A few friday's back Mr Fox and I sent little fox off to his very first day of pre-school. The moment is as sweet as I could have ever pictured it.

I was searching pinterest the night before for first day of school picture ideas and every third pin was about 'first day of school separation anxiety'. NOT THIS KID! He literally ran away from us, wearing his monogramed backpack, screaming Bye!

For a difficult the first year of his life was for us all, little fox has grown into the sweetest, gentlest, confident little guy. He is generally happy and kind. He has so many friends, who he loves to see and asks to play with often. He gives kisses and randomly says "l love you mommy". He sleeps through the night! He says please and thank you, regularly impressing people we don't see often.  He's awesome - serious, I mean it!

I'd love to take credit for it all, but really think that it is just WHO HE IS.


no nonsense foxy

Its a Saturday afternoon. Little fox is napping, and Mr Fox is out for a ride. The laundry is running, the kitchen is tidied, and I am sitting her wondering what I should be doing. I've been wanting to blog, but don't have any clearly formed thoughts - nothing specific to post about. I just poured myself a mimosa, cheers - kiki baba, and logged in.

Late Summer in the Foxy home has been alright. Mr Fox has been a little more moody than normal, probably a bit depressed, and I've been working full time for the past two months, but generally speaking things have started to calm down. Working full time has actually been really nice, there is more consistency to my days, and honestly, I get so much more (guilt-free) time to myself, which I really do need.

I resigned from a non-profit board that I've been heavily involved with since its formation, and although it has been sad to watch things that I invested so much of myself into fail to grow into what I envisioned, it is a serious relief to not have that weight to carry any more. I passed the torch to a fully capable group of women and they proceed at their own rate along their own path.

I promptly joined two more Boards, because, you know, I suddenly had so much free time. ha. Really I couldn't help myself. I am super excited about both groups and the people who I get to work with.

One is a local charter school. The public school where I live really isn't a viable choice for little fox. and there are many private school options, but omg it would be hard to find (and justify) the money. The charter school is a great compromise of a public school mixed with the dedication of private school faculty and parental involvement. The school is currently renting substandard classrooms from the local district and embarking on a capital campaign to build a new campus. Super cool project.

The other board is a national consumer advocacy organization working to ensure that women can expect to receive evidence-based maternity care as the norm, and that their right to informed consent and refusal of care is respected. The other women involved are like rockstar amazing women, and I am inspired everytime we interact.

With both groups I am wanting to engage fully, but not exactly sure where I fit. I am reminded that we all have our strengths and weaknesses as I see the inter-personal dynamics play out among the existing teams. And I find myself being more assertive and decisive than I ever pictured myself. I just don't have the patience to sit in meetings or to deal with things that are not outcome focused. I also find myself knowing more than I expect, and with the confidence to assert my knowledge and experience. Maybe its because I am no longer the youngest person in the room, or because I've wasted all my patience at home with my boys, or idk, maybe I've just turned into a B. Whatever it is, I really feel like they can take me or leave me, and I don't have the time or patience to deal with nonsense.


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