Baby Q loves his tummytub. i mentioned it in my last post and there were a few curious comments, so heres my one handed post about the tummytub.

its not something we would have known to purchase, but my mom had one floating around at work so she brought it over one day when we were desperate to stop his screams. it has been awesome, not so much as a place to bathe him, but as a way to soothe and calm him. we use it at least once every day.

he is pretty squished in the tub, and its hard to reach in to clean all his dirty areas, so it isn't ideal as a bath, but it certainly comes in handy as a way to rinse him down after a massive diaper blowout.

the tub came with us on our trip last weekend, and would definitely be on the top of my list to recommend to new parents. (right behind the yoga ball that has become essential furniture in our living room!)


Three Months Old

My little Baby Cakes,

I just ordered a Baby Book to capture all of your first special moments. I also found these prompts for keeping track of your stats that I'll try to update every so often. 

Sleep:  Thank goodness that you are a sleeper! Almost from the very start you knew that sleep was important for Daddy and I. You've fallen into your own pattern of going to sleep for the night at about 8pm. We watch for your 'sleepy eyes' and get you swaddled nice and tight and turn on the air filter for white noise. Then Daddy or I hold you close while we bounce on the ball until you drift off to sleep. We put you in the swing where you sleep for nice 4 hour stretch. The past few nights you've slept for a glorious 7 hour stretch, which makes me happier than you could possibly know. When you wake up we bring you into bed with us where you nurse every two hours until morning.

During the day you take a few nice naps, either while I am holding you in the Moby or in your swing. We are getting better about catching your 'sleepy eyes' and helping you get to sleep before you get upset. 

We set up your crib a few weeks ago and have started putting you down there instead of your swing. 

It is amazing to see you relax when we swaddle you up, turn on the white noise, and give you your pacifier. Sometimes it really seems like you want to be left alone to fall asleep on your own.

Weight & Height:  
At your two month appointment you weighed almost 15 lbs and were 23.5 inches long. I weighed you on the scale at home today and it said that you are now 16 and a half lbs! 

Diaper Size:  
You've been in size 2 diapers for a while now. I am still trying out different brands, hoping that I'll find one to contain the massive blowouts that we've become accustomed to. 

Clothes Size:  
Grandma and I cleaned out your closet a few weeks ago since you were growing so big. By two months you'd basically outgrown all of your 0-3 month old clothing - You had so much clothing that you didn't even get to wear all of it! We kept a few 3-6 month items, but you are almost exclusively wearing 6 month clothing now.  A lot of your clothes right now are hand-me-downs and the rest are items that grandma has been collecting since before you were even born!

Hair Color:  
You were born with a thin covering of dark hair, that mostly fell out. A new covering has started to grow in, a little lighter than the original, but still brown. You have an adorable little cowlick along the hairline on your forehead. 

Eye Color:
Everyone is so curious to know what color your eyes will be. They are still a greyish blue, but every now and then we see glimmers of green. Grandma says she doesn't care what color your eyes are. Your Aunties are rooting for blue. Daddy and I have our fingers crossed for a hazel green.

Funniest Moment this week:  
The other evening when grandma and Auntie were visiting you got upset so I took you into the bathroom for a  tummyTub bath. You really love your little bath but I didn't want to miss spending time with our visitors so I brought the bath out into the living room. Grandma thought it was the funniest thing she'd ever seen. Auntie took a bunch of pictures. You had everyone laughing so hard. Your living room bath was so much fun!

- Grandma and I got your birth certificate from the Health Department last week. It is pretty cool to hold that special document in my hands.
- You were one of two little ones to attend a lunch featuring Nobel Laureate economist and Univ of Chicago Professor James Heckman. He spoke about the fiscal responsibility of investing in early childhood development. 
- We went on our first overnight adventure to visit Auntie, Uncle, and your cousins. You were so good in the car. I had fears that you'd be so upset in the car that we wouldn't make it, but you proved me wrong. We got lots of attention in the traffic because your puppy was sitting in the front seat while I sat in the back to entertain you.

Favorite Toy:  
You've just started grasping toys, which is pretty cool. I think your favorite toy is my hand. You love to watch my fingers move, reach for my fingers, grasping them tight and letting me softly pet the backs of your hand.

You also seem to enjoy laying on your activity mat while batting at the hanging toys to make them rattle. There is a very special gift owl hanging on the activity center right now - it was from a friend of mommy's who is also on a long journey to meet her baby. 

Today you had fun playing with a soft plush lamb that Auntie gave you as soon as we found out you were growing in my tummy. 

Although not a toy, you LOVE your tummyTub bathtub. You calm down almost immediately when we put you in the tub, and you are happy to stay until your fingers and toes start to wrinkle. Lots of people think your tub is silly, that it loots like a bucket or a big flower pot, but you don't care, its one of your most favorite places to hang out. 

- We took you to the pool this past Saturday with Little One. You loved floating around in the water, kicking your legs, and slashing with your arms. You and Daddy even dunked your heads under the water together!
- I love the smiles and giggles. This morning Cousin was here to watch you while Daddy and I slept for a few extra hours. You'd been screaming so I got up to see if I could help. As soon as you saw me you stopped crying and smiled. It warmed my heart.
- Last weekend you rolled over from your tummy onto your back. I thought it was a fluke, but you did it again and again! It hasn't happened since, but I know you can do it!
- We went to grandma's house for the first time since you were born. Grandma was so so so happy to sit in her living room rocker and sing to you. 
- Last Tuesday you went to your very first Board of Supervisors meeting. It was so special to introduce you to all of my friends at work - everyone was so excited to meet you!


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