Perfect Beautiful Moments

Ahhh, what a beautiful way to spend a Sunday morning. I am sitting in a poolside cabana, there is peaceful quiet with a  few birds chirping nearby. I have my cup of coffee and a Real Simple magazine. It is going to be hot today, but for now there is a perfect breeze.

Inside, ML is playing with our 4yr old nephew, while SIL cooks breakfast.

Right here, this moment, life feels beautiful.



Kakunaa said...

Sounds like such a perfect day :) enjoy it!

Jackie said...

What a great post! Sounds so...peaceful. Way to enjoy the beauty of the often-overlooked little things in life! :)

Marianne said...

Man I am jealous, sounds perfect!!!!

Mrs. X said...

So glad that you had this wonderful moment to enjoy!

Thanks for your comment on my blog!

Kakunaa said...

In answer to the PGD question, it isn't standard. We ended up as part of the control group for a study with our clinic, so the embies we transferred were not tested, but our frosties were. We would not have wanted to know the gender for the embies transferred because we want a surprise, but figured if we know the 2nd time around, if we go there, no worries. Because of the study, we did not have to pay for it. If we do a FET, the 2 abnormal embies would not be transferred.

Jessica said...

It is definitely the simple things in life that make it most enjoyable. Glad to hear you had a relaxing and peaceful Sunday!



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