Oh my gosh he giggled at me.
on Sunday night.
It was SO sweet.

ML and I were sitting on the couch together and baby Q was laying in between us. We were kindof watching TV, kindof reading the internet, and kindof playing with the baby. Q started making little gurgle bubble noises so I imitated him by sticking my tongue out and making a kindof farting noise. He immediately busted out a big smile, then he giggled at me. It was so cool.

Other super cool things that have happened this week include:
- Q grabbed a fistful of my hair. Yes, i was super impressed and thought it was super cool!
- Q played by himself batting at toys on his activity mat for like 10 whole minutes! Long enough for me to go to the bathroom - by myself! and get a glass of water.
- We finally set up his nursery. ML assembled the crib, and we moved the swing in. I have a pinterest board full of additional ideas to make the space perfect for our little dude. (btw, i am totally loving pinterest! what fun!)
- We cleaned out Q's dresser of all 0-3 month and most 3-6 month clothing because it just doesn't fit anymore. At 2.5 months he is 15 lbs and wearing almost all 6 month stuff.
- Mommy and Daddy got b.u.s.y. finally after many many attempts that were interrupted. And I lamented that it feels like i have  whole different body and need to figure out how it works. Daddy lamented that we should have named baby Q Cockblock.

Baby Q with "Little One" at lunch today.
much love to all.


Lauren said...


Marianne said...

Giggles are the best thing evah!!!

Miss Mac said...

omg, that is hilarious! I totally understand. I love that you got a giggle, still waiting on that! Also, I love the shirt, what a cutie!

Jessica White said...

Love those giggles! Sounds like Q is growing big and strong!

Carlia said...

that's so exciting! i can't wait for mack to deliberately giggle. he does it in his sleep, which is still adorable, but i can't wait for it to be in reaction to something. love the picture, too! SO sweet!

Stephanie said...

What is it with babies laughing at the fart noise? Ours did the same thing! So glad you got to hear it, isn't it music to your ears?

Rach said...

Isn't is so sad to "retire" a set of clothing! It is for me at least. Giggles are the best! Oh, and wait until he starts grabbing your face. Avalyn has started grabbing my nose, cheeks, and chin and she pinches!

Cute pic!

Augusta said...

what a sweet picture of him and little one. Sounds like those giggles are very sweet, indeed.

Anonymous said...

LOVE Q's shirt.... lol.

Anonymous said...

Curious... How is your husband with the fact that he's not the father? I mean biological of course. Is it an anonymous donor?


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