Dear Normal Pregnancy Doctor

Dear Normal Pregnancy Doctor,
We want to thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and ask that you share it with your staff and add it to our file.
ML and I have been together for 11 years, married for 7. After trying to start our family for nearly two years, we received a devastating diagnosis of infertility. We spent the next year and a half meeting with so many different doctors, undergoing invasive testing procedures, trying experimental therapies, and ultimately grieving the loss of a biological child. 
This past March, thanks to the miracles of modern medicine, we finally succeeded with IVF. We are excited, yet still feeling very cautious about this pregnancy. After getting bad news for so long, I guess it takes some time for good news to sink in and feel real. 
We are so happy to be graduating from the RE to your practice. In most respects we are normal first-time expectant parents, yet having invested so much into achieving this pregnancy we may at times benefit from some extra hand-holding and compassion. 
Specifically there are a few things we’d like to request of you and your team:
    • We’ve been through a lot, and appreciate your patience, kindness, and smiles more than words can convey. 
    • Foxy prefers not to be left alone in exam rooms. ML will attend most appointments and would like to join Foxy for any tests or exams.
    • We prefer not to learn the gender of our child until the birth. 
    • Before the end of our visit, or conversation, please ask us if we have any final questions. 
    • We live and work in the next county over, so appointments are most convenient for us in the late afternoon. 
Thank you for taking good care of us.
Foxy and ML



E and R said...

YAY for graduating to a 'regular' doctor! I am so excited for you!!

Joey said...

What a wonderful way to make that transition! Yay for normal doctors!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! How wonderful to transition to the normal world. You must be so excited!

Miss Mac said...

When we graduated to the ob, I called him because the secretary wasn't going to schedule me until 3 weeks after his vacation time. Basically I said "IVF patient here, can't wait the 3 weeks" and he gets it... worked me in before and right after the vacation and told the intern that u/s after IVF are "worth their weight in gold" to the patients. YES! So nice that he understands... now I just need to explain to him how he really needs to filter his mail so that IFers do not get the letters about the latest birth control procedures! Love the letter and hope you get great care in the weeks ahead! Thanks for your comment about the on and off again symptoms... nice to have someone just one week ahead to follow here:]

Keya said...

I still miss me RE's office - the OB's office feels strange because my pregnancy is just one among a million other pregnancies. But I'd much rather visit the OB than the RE for obvious reasons!
Congrats on graduating to the OB. How are you feeling healthwise?

Augusta said...

I like your proactive stance on things, Foxy. I've always admired your outspoken self-advocacy. I have a lot to learn from you. Congratulations on graduating! That's great news! I hope the transition goes smoothly.

Marianne said...

What a milestone! I imagine it is exciting and frightening at the same time. I will definitely miss the hand-holding and frequent appointments with the RE. When is your first OB appt?



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