The Queen aka Bumpy over at My Bumpy Journey sent me an invitation to join a shopping site called Zulily. Oh my gosh it has the most adorable things at totally discounted prices. I just splurged $20 for a super cute Japanese Weekend maternity shirt that I know I am going to love wearing later this fall.

There are books and toys, clothes and shoes for you, and lots of cute little things for the little ones - all at prices that are downright affordable.

I shared it with my sister, who is a member of lots of different shopping sites, but claims now that this is her favorite. Check it out... Zulily

My heart is heavy for our beautiful Augusta. Please send her some loving thoughts.


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Bumpy Journey said...

awwww. I am deliriously behind on reading blogs (WTF? I KNOW- WHAT DO I DO ALL DAY??!) Thank you for the shout out!
I got a CD in the mail today, and a super sweet letter from you! :) For some reason I can't get the CD to play anwhere in this house. My computer will pull up the titles, but it won't play. ? I am tech I have no clue!

I love all the songs though. I am glad all is going well-ish with you. The hubs asks about you often, and I am ashamed to say that I haven't checked in. :/ I suck.



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