For Me.

Microblog Mondays
I did a few things just for me this week.

On Thursday I let my sister talk me into going on a cruise, my her and my mom. I desperately needed something to look forward to.

On Saturday I sat in the sunshine. It was glorious.

Today I went for a walk when I got home from work. a quick walk around the block, and it felt so good.

On Wednesday I am taking the day off work to go to Science Camp. I'll visit with our local fifth graders and their teachers who are there all week and maybe get to play some games too.

A few things, just for me.



Vaibhav Gupta said...

Aw sunshine is the best, especially if it is a bit of a windy day. You get warmed and cooled at the same time.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Good for you for making that time for yourself. Have fun today at science camp!

internetg33k said...

It's amazing how glorious those small moments of "me" time can be! Hope you had a blast at Science Camp yesterday!


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