Kiki Baba

Its my birthday today. The best birthday that I've celebrated in years. I can't help but reflect on what the past year has brought me.

My babycakes is passed out on the couch, what we thought was a late nap appears to be a baby down for the count. It was a busy day with lots of folks here to celebrate with mimosas and donuts. Sweet boy must be exhausted.

Last year, even at 8+ months pregnant, I didn't fully believe that my dreams were coming true. I was waiting until I had that baby in my arms to finally breathe. But here he is, asleep on the couch, and I am planning his first birthday.

Birthing my son was an experience unlike any I could have ever imagined or prepared for - and I rocked it. Parenting an unhappy baby, one who screamed for months, reduced me to basic survival. Watching my lover reveal the most loving fatherly heart melted mine. Experiencing my dreams coming true - this year has been so full of the highest highs and lowest lows - nothing about it has been easy and yet everything about it has been amazing.

Please join me in toasting to another amazing journey around the sun!

Kiki Baba



Marianne said...

Happy birthday love!! Sounds amazing!!

So glad the fussy months are (MOSTLY) behind us ;)

Miss Mac said...

Happy Birthday and definitely a roller coaster year to celebrate. "Nothing about it has been easy and yet everything about it has been amazing." Love this.

Melissa G said...

Cheers, friend! Amazing indeed!

Augusta said...

Happy Birthday, my dear Foxy. I'm so glad your birthday was filled with a sense of wholeness and joy.
Sending warm hugs from the north.

E and R said...

Happy, happy birthday! So glad that this one was extra special!

Lauren said...

Happy birthday!

Liz said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day with your most specail people. Happy Birthday!

Rach said...

Happy Birthday! He's getting so big!


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