Baby Q loves his tummytub. i mentioned it in my last post and there were a few curious comments, so heres my one handed post about the tummytub.

its not something we would have known to purchase, but my mom had one floating around at work so she brought it over one day when we were desperate to stop his screams. it has been awesome, not so much as a place to bathe him, but as a way to soothe and calm him. we use it at least once every day.

he is pretty squished in the tub, and its hard to reach in to clean all his dirty areas, so it isn't ideal as a bath, but it certainly comes in handy as a way to rinse him down after a massive diaper blowout.

the tub came with us on our trip last weekend, and would definitely be on the top of my list to recommend to new parents. (right behind the yoga ball that has become essential furniture in our living room!)



Ruth said...

So cute! BTW, what do you use the yoga ball for?

Stephanie said...

He sure looks content in there! Glad you found something that works for you.

DandelionBreeze said...

Sorry that I'm so far behind on commenting and all your news... your little one is adorable :)) Soooo cute :)) Congratulations :)) I'm public again, so will be easier to find/follow now... and have had a name change... hope it's not too confusing. Thinking of you xoxo

Jeff said...

He is so cute Foxy. I love this video.

Hannah said...

What a great little tub!!! We use those tubs that lay the kid down and it is all awkward and the kid is cold and stuff. I'm going to have to find one of those someday. Looks so comfy!


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